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Why Us?



Why small world of travelers Tanzania?

Small world of travelers  - focused on private, sustainable safaris in Tanzania.Small world of travelers is a safari and leisure activities tour operator focused exclusively on tourism in Tanzania. We do not dilute our offering by focusing on safaris in any other African nation. This means we are constantly exploring new and less frequented regions in Tanzania and are incorporating them into our unique itineraries.


Small world travel  is locally owned and operated

Small world travel  is in the enviable position of being one of the only safari companies that is owned and operated by a native Tanzanian safari driver guides. Many companies are 100% foreign owned or are owned by Africans (not necessarily from Tanzania) who've not spent the majority of their lives working in Tanzania as driver guides. Having led countless safaris we know what the most important features are for a truly outstanding and memorable safari.


Some companies will emphasize the luxurious lodging options or the first class food that is available in the finer lodges. These things are certainly important on safari and will make for an enjoyable stay. However, the majority of your time  on safari is spent with the guide. They control the pace of the safari and they are the main source of knowledge on the surrounding wildlife and wilderness. Otherwise a  safari can be ruined if a guide is not interested in taking the time and effort to share their knowledge with guests.


The plushest of accommodation and richest of foods will soon fade from memory if your guide is not passionate about what he does.

Small world of travelers  provides a superior safari experience by hand picking the best, most professional tour guides available. We know that the critical element distinguishing a good safari from an unforgettable one is without a doubt, the tour guide.



The lodging, vehicle and food are  of course also critical, but if the guide is not personable, passionate and extremely knowledgeable about their surroundings, the journey loses its magic.  Each of our expert guides has a minimum of 10  years of  experience and has been hand selected by the Small world of travelers  Owner Mr. Mark ole nasira. Mark  initially accompanies the guides on a few safaris to ensure they meet his high standards.


Because he has also made his living as a driver guide, he knows what challenges they might come up against and is in constant communication to ensure they are happy and challenged in their jobs. Mark  is very committed to his people and to his community and has created a job environment that encourages and stimulates the driver guides. In turn, the driver guides take great pride in their work with Small world of travelers   and view their work with us a career choice and not just a job that pays the bills.



We are passionate about Tanzania, its people, land and wildlife

Small world of travelers owner   is a Tanzanian citizen and was born and raised in northern Tanzania. He has done business all his life in the area and is able to work directly with locals to create unique, off the beaten track safaris while ensuring the best rates possible. All of the safaris are personally reviewed by Mark .


Small world of travelers Tanzania  is owned and operated by a team of professionals who are dedicated to preserving and protecting its beauty while giving you the most personalized, special and unique safari available anywhere. Our guests also share our vision and have chosen a company that works to protect and preserve the land by selecting caring, experienced guides who will educate them and show them areas of the wilderness that are not on the mainstream safari circuits.


We offer flexibility in safari schedules and itineraries

All of our safaris are private and customized to your specifications. There are no set dates that you need to plan your trip around and no right or wrong amount of time to spend in each location. We'll work with you to put together a personal itinerary that is based on your criteria including items such as: travel dates, number of people, budget, key interests and even food interests/restrictions.


Whether you're keen on seeing the wildebeest migration or you're an avid birder (like Peter), we have the knowledge and experience needed to create your perfect safari. If you'd like us to give you some suggestions and ideas, just fill out our short contact form and we'll follow up with an email or call as you wish. There's no obligation, and we're happy to offer as many suggestions as you'd like!



We take the worry and anxiety out of safari planning - hakuna matata!

A safari holiday can be one of the most expensive trips a person will take in their lifetime. Selecting the best, most reputable operator can be a stressful process and information on the various offerings is difficult to obtain.  Everyone at Small world of travelers Tanzania has been on safari and has organized a safari.


We know the anxiety involved in selecting the best destinations and in determining the right safari guide. Hakuna Matata is a phrase you will often hear in Tanzania, where the locals are generally laid back and relaxed, and it is what we say to you when you work with us to plan and create your dream safari. Hakuna Matata is a Swahili phrase that means ‘no worries’, and no worries is precisely what you get when you plan your safari with us.