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Mount Kilimanjaro
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Machame village is served by a tarmac road. There is a park checkpoint at the start of the route. The walking is strenuous, initially up narrow, slippery paths through beautiful forest. It provides good access to the South Western Glaciers and the Western Breach.



A very direct and fast way down the mountain providing limited views across the Southern Glaciers. The track in the forest is often impassable even to 4WD vehicles.


Beyond the roadhead the path is steep and slippery in parts. Above the Mweka Huts water must be carried. Sometimes a long walk is required at the Barafu Hut to find snow or ice for water.



This magnificent variation to the Shira Route is as yet unspoilt and little used. It takes paths through forests rich in game south of the Shira Route. On day 3 the Machame Route is rejoined.





This used to be the route used by the Outward Bound Mountain School at Oloitokitok in Kenya. The border is open during daylight hours but all park fees and arrangements must be made (via an agent) at the Marangu Gate before starting on the route.


It is possible to arrange transport from Marangu to Naremoru / Rongai. Only a limited number of groups are allowed on the route at any time and it may not be used in descent. There are several big caves along the route, these are used by porters and tents should be carried.


The "Outward Bound School" Hut is privately owned, no water or firewood in the vicinity. Allow 5 days for the travers



Depending on its condition and the weather, this track provides an access route for 4WD vehicles to within 1 hour of the Shira Hut. The Shira Plateau is very beautiful with good views of the Western Glaciers. There are several fine minor summits to be climbed; the Shira Needle can be gained by a scramble and provides a nice viewpoint.



A very strenuous walk up steep, slippery paths with many fallen trees to negotiate. The middle section follows a narrow spectacular ridge with magnificent views of the Great Barranco and Southern Icefields