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About Us


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Mark ( 24hrs ) +255782 444432

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Founded by Mark Daniel Nasira , Small world of travelers is an exclusive company founded in the principal of providing a true experience of the life, culture and natural beauty of Tanzania.

We will design and tailor a safari around you - your desire, interest and needs to create a memorable safari. Your fantastic safari will explore many different aspects of this landscape and intricate interconnection.


About the guides

Mark is a true Maasai son of Tanzania. After growing up living amongst wildlife on the Maasai Steppe, he decided to share his beloved land with visitors.


To complement extensive knowledge of the land and its people, he studied behavioral patterns of animals, as well as ecosystem processes. As certified guide, he versed in every aspect of ensuring a successful safari – from general safety to vehicle maintenance to game viewing.


In addition, fluent knowledge of the Maasai language and close relationships with the people living and working in the reserves provides him with an opportunity to give visitors a unique, "off the beaten path" experience.

Love for his land mandates that every safari will interact harmoniously and peacefully with all of the inhabitants – plants, wildlife & people.


Small world of travelers is an  exclusive company founded on the principle of providing to our guests a true experience of the life, culture and natural beauty of Tanzania. Let our experienced guides show you the cultures and wilds of Africa.


It is the intent of Small world of travelers to design a safari around you. We will work with each of our guests to discover your desires, interests and needs to create a safari wholly fulfilling for you.